SQL Saturday #118 | Madison, WI

SQL Saturday 118

SQL Saturday #118 | Madison, WI on Apr 21st 2012, definitely ranks amongst the most rocking SQL Saturdays I have attended !  Jes Borland [blog|twitter] and team produced a top-tier event for both speakers and attendees alike. This being their first SQL Saturday, I feel very fortunate to have been chosen as a speaker and present my session on Service Broker. Taking a 6 hour road trip on Friday evening, I rolled into Madison with the St.Louis contingent (Kim Tessereau [blog|twitter], Mike Lynn [twitter] & Jay Carter). It was too late to join the speakers’ dinner, but we did have an awesome dinner at a Hibachi grill !

On the morning of Apr 21st, we found our way into the Madison Area Technical College and were pleasantly welcomed at the registration desk – with no lines ! The SpeedPASS worked out really well for the event, and they also had a printer at the registration desk to help attendees print one. There were plenty of volunteers helping attendees find their way around the venue, and the breakfast was great. All of this made a great first impression – very well done !

Bill Fellows [blog|twitter] kicked off the event with an awesome session on TSQL sweets in SQL Server 2012, followed by an equally good session on SSIS 2012 new features by Norman Kelm [blog|twitter]. Next up, was my interview with Karla Landrum [blog|twitter], at the PASS booth, for the upcoming SQL Saturday event in St.Louis. It worked out for the best, to have a face to face discussion with Karla, because we ended up talking for over an hour and I learned so much more about the makings of a successful event. We have moved one step closer to hosting the very first SQL Saturday in St.Louis, in the Fall of 2012!

I hosted the Service Broker “Cows of a Spot” lunch table and it turned out to be an exciting opportunity to network with fellow Service Broker enthusiasts. The delicious baked beans, burgers, as well as the the efficient crowd management skills of the volunteers deserve a special mention. The next session on my list was about Filegroups.  Jes made an impressive presentation (LEGOs were involved !) about how Filegroups help with Performance and Management of your database. Thanks to her presentation, I have learned the skill of Piecemeal Restore of selected Filegroups .

I took a short break from SQL Learning in the Speakers’ Lounge to brush up on my presentation . I then picked up my shiny new speaker’s shirt and settled down to review my presentation material. After dotting the  i’s and crossing the t’s I headed up to my session (last session for the day). I was pleasantly surprised to see a few familiar faces in the audience. This was only the second time I presented my Service Broker session at a SQL Saturday, and I really appreciate all the support and positive feedback I got from the audience ! One of the very useful pieces of information I learned from the Q&A with the audience was the idea of using Extended events to troubleshoot service broker applications, since Microsoft announced deprecation of SQL Server profiler in a later version.

The closing ceremonies followed and I am really happy for all the winners of the raffle prizes from the event’s generous sponsors. After a big round of applause for the speakers, volunteers/organizer and the sponsors, the St.Louis contingent hit the road for the long ride back home.


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